Competitiveness Quarterly Monitoring Report 2015


Competitiveness Index 2014
Business Groups
Capital Growth of Newly Registered Business Cost of Doing Business1 Growth in the Number of Jobs in the Locality Growth of Annual Business Registration Growth of Gross Sales of Registered Firms Growth of Occupancy Permits Approved Local Inflation Rate Local ProductivityHealth InfrastructurefullAvailability of Basic Utilities Distance of City or Municipal Hall to Major PortsEducation InfrastructureExisting Road Network and Road Density ICT Readiness Number of ATMs Number of public Transportation Vehicles Number of Rooms in DOT Accredited Hotels, Resorts, Inns, Apartelle, Pension House  Business Registration Efficiency Capacity of Health Service Capacity of Schools Economic Score in LGPMS Most Competitive LGU Awardee Presence of Investment Promotion Unit Presence of Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan Ratio of LGU collected tax to total LGU revenues Security Transparency score in LGPMS